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A new lingerie wardrobe awaits you

A new lingerie wardrobe awaits you

Before arranging your lingerie wardrobe for this winter, make sure you have the following styles, features, and fabric.

We at Ashleyandalvis choose the fabric that makes women feel warm and dry. Bamboo Micro modal panties are perfect for all seasons, especially during the winter. As the fabric is breathable and keeps you warm , you need not worry about cold or hot summers. In addition, bamboo micro modal panties act as a great absorbent.

Instead of wearing the same set of colors you usually wear, try out something new to have a stylish and adorable look that everyone admires. Whether it’s cold or sunny, your lingerie will stand out against a sheer outfit.  would give an amazing look.


Knowing which style and fabric to choose, however, comes with its own host of problems as many women are unsure which panty style is best-suited for their particular needs. This article provides an in-depth analysis of the various fabrics, materials, and underwear styles that are currently available to women. 

If wearing cotton doesn’t align with your personality, you may choose other good fabrics. Pick Bamboo micro modal panties that are sexier and ultra-luxurious. Always choose a fabric that helps you regulate your body temperature throughout the night.


Bamboo micro modal Bikini panties possess the power to make you feel stunning without compromising your comfort. This black bikini panty is a must-have for your seasonal lingerie wardrobe.

Boyshorts are modelled like men's boxer briefs and maintain a rectangular appearance similar to Boysleg. This style offers full coverage to the wearer, with most sitting below the crease line of the cheek.

Hipsters are often described as a mixture between bikinis and boyshorts. Offering a good deal of coverage, the hipster style maintains a wider waistband that tends to hug the body and 

Boysleg style is highly suitable for everyday usage, and can be incorporated into a number of outfit options. It is important to note that this particular style doesn't show  “panty lines” around the edges. For this reason, they are best-suited for jeans, dresses & skirts.

It is important to have a  perfect lingerie wardrobe, to make yourself fit & comfortable.

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