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Cotton out .............Bamboo micromodal In

Cotton out .............Bamboo micromodal In

The truth of bamboo Micromodal fabric , it is 100% organic & super soft.Bamboo fabric is a semi-synthetic textile made of natural cellulosic polymers extracted from bamboo. 

We at Ashleyandalvis use Bamboo Micromodal fabric because it  is very soft, comfortable, lightweight, breathable, and moisture absorbent. The biggest advantage of bamboo fabric is that it's not much higher in  cost.

Bamboo generally is rayon made from bamboo and  widely used in high -quality clothing. It's a material found in a lot of everyday clothing 

Bamboo fibers are very pleasant to the touch, water-absorbent, and dry quickly. And they are also resistant to moths and mildew.

Bamboo fabrics drape and hang well. They have good resistance to wrinkling and peeling, with multiple sheens, and color options.

Bamboo fiber is the new natural and eco-friendly textile material of the 21st century. Bamboo fabric is gaining popularity due to its exceptional properties, and is 100% biodegradable. It is said that "Bamboo fiber comes from nature, and returns to nature in the end".

Bamboo is a sustainable resource as it grows quickly in good conditions without using pesticides. Bamboo is not a wood but a grass. Therefore, unlike normal trees, it does not take decades to grow and mature. 

 Innerwear more than being an essential ,is essentially over “The new skin”.Every underwear from Asley and Alvis is crafted to make you feel confident on the outside by making you feel comfortable on the inside. It is made of bamboo leaves and the soft ,inner pith from the hard bamboo. The magic mix of bamboo micro modal with spandex, acts like a liquid on your body and “The new skin”bamboo micro modal is 5x softer and lighter than tradition cotton and micro modal fabric. Bamboo with micro modal adds a natural anti odour and naturally anti microbial  as its original nature. 

Wave Goodbye to all undies the underwear related issues & embarrassment with undies from Ashley and Alvis.