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Find your "Comfort Companion" this friendship day

Find your "Comfort Companion" this friendship day

Shopping for panties (  sounds pretty basic , but buying a Micromodal pantie  has so many factors Obviously, comfort is key. You don't want to be walking around in a fire outfit with your panties riding up, waistband pinching, or the fabric scratching against your skin, making you completely uncomfortable. Style is, of course, another important factor, too. I'm just saying—the confidence you get from knowing that you're wearing a cute pair of panties is powerful.

Lingerie shopping with your best friend is ideal because a best friend can be completely honest with you. Let’s say you’re having a super hard time picking between a Boyshorts( type of pantie and a pair of red Bikini( If your friend is there, she can tell you straight up which one looks best on you. Let’s be real — we all have different body types, and what would look best on someone else might not necessarily be the best look for  you

We at Ashleyandalvis, have the best  premium super fine quality of Micromodal panties and light fiber that comes from beech tree pulp. It's one of our favorite fabrics  and can be found in our panties collection like Bikini ,Hipster Boyshorts & Boyleg.  So what makes this fabric so desirable, so versatile, and so great to wear during your precious sleep-time? 

Why should we shop from Ashleyandalvis? Here are some reasons why we deal with the best & finest Modal fabric: fabrics look and feel like luxurious silk as they are comfortable, soft, and lightweight. Modal fibers are very pleasant to the touch, they are also resistant to moths and mildew. fabrics drape and hang well. They have good resistance to wrinkling and pilling, multiple sheens, and color options. It is a great material for everyday clothing as well as panties since it's breathable and durable. However, modal fabrics don't resist high temperatures. They have low thermal stability and will lose longevity when exposed directly to UV and sunlight.


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