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How to refresh your wardrobe with comfortable Underwear!

How to refresh your wardrobe with comfortable Underwear!

When putting an outfit together, we tend to ignore the most essential aspect and foundation of any look - the underwear. Yes, you heard that right!  Bamboo micro modal underwear acts as the base to all your well-curated ensembles, allowing each piece of clothing to sit comfortably on your body and give you an ultimate look.


If you are looking for underwear that offers full coverage, high comfort, and confidence to get you


Through the hottest days, this underwear for women is just the thing you need. offering full coverage with a mid-rise fit, AshleyandAlvis underwear is so comfortable and can be worn regularly. Boyshorts & Boysleg are also great for your daily workout, especially in summer, they can  easily be teamed underneath your work attire as well. Available in vibrant colors & trendy too, you must get your hands on this one, ladies.

How often we should change Undies!

Undies lose their shape quite quickly because they are so often washed, and the fit and cleanliness are both critical. If the fabric is bamboo micro modal & they are cleaned correctly they feel great, there is no need to chuck them out.


 How often we should Wash underwear!

 Washing underwear correctly and not just regularly is the key to keeping your underwear clean and germ-free. I recommend that underwear is washed separately to avoid the transfer of bacteria both ways. For example, you don't want to be chucking in your face towels with your underwear. Most of us also don't wash our underwear under the correct setting. Wash properly to get them all clean and germ-free. You would also avoid washing them along with other family members' clothes. If they are not washed properly, there will be an accumulation of germs over time.

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