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Panties sets the Mood for the Day

Panties sets the Mood for the Day

Sexy panties set the mood ,So much so that it can even make your everyday chores feel more exciting just by knowing what you’re wearing underneath. There is a whole world of panties fashion and you’re sure to find the styles that are perfect for any kind of  scenario. Whether you’re looking for an easy, comfy outfit to match your “TV & home” vibe at home or want to turn up the excitement with the use of a little imagination for role-playing, there is a sexy panties outfit for you.

Growing up watching Gossip Girl and Sex and the City, Idea comes in every girls mind that when I  grown-up will wear sexy panties. We at Ashleyandalivs have great  collection of  Micromodal panties.

We chose to use MicroModal for our panties  because it feels luxurious and soft to touch and does not harm the planet. Unlike some other sustainable fabrics, MicroModal has the good feel we desire for our panties . By using this material in our panties, we can guarantee a smooth and breathable feel at all times.

We have a substantial  collection of panties like Boysleg ,boyshorts ,bikini & hipster which are super comfortable , antibacterial ,light in weight ,odour free ,feel like second skin & are 3x softer than cotton.


To start with, buying panties online is very important to  know your size, style preference, the different types of panties and each type suitable for different outfits. Like mentioned above we have different styles of panties in   numerous colours, cuts, patterns and functions. Although, we believe that there are four  types of lady panties which are basic and essential in every woman’s underwear collection.Every woman  should feel comfortable & soft after wearing it .Micromodal panties make you feel so comfortable & relaxed as it has so many attributes.

3xsofterthancotton - This has to be the uppermost priority at any given point, your panty should feel good, comfortable & soft. It’s pretty much like having good food. It has to be satisfactory on your delicate skin instead of just looking good. Micromodal lends your panties a softness that cotton never would. You would probably wonder where it has been all your life when you try it on.

Antimicrobial - Micromodal fabric is designed to fight the growth of bacteria, mould, fungus, and other microbes. These microbe-fighting properties come from a chemical treatment, or antimicrobial finish, that is topically applied to fabric during the finishing stage, granting them the ability to inhibit microbial growth. It's a sustainable product.

Moisture wicking - Micromodal is one of the most breathable sweat-wicking fabrics in use today. It has exceptional temperature-regulating properties so you can be comfortable in any weather. Because of its super soft, silk-like texture, it is ideal for underwear, loungewear, and any clothing close to the skin. 

Odour free - Micro modal fabric  also has some pretty incredible properties. It is lightweight and very breathable, which makes it a great fabric for garments worn in warmer months. It stays cool to the touch and is odour resistant.

Lightweight - Panties made from this fabric are so light and airy that you'll forget you are wearing anything. This is because the fibres are very thin and can be tightly woven together. This tight weave gives the Modal fabric a silky-smooth feel without making it heavy.

Durability - Micromodal is derived from trees which naturally leads to a durable material, even more so than other fabrics. Micro modal holds its shape well, retaining elasticity when mixed with just the right amount of elastane after wearing it multiple times. 

Second skin -MicroModal is so soft and silky against the skin that, for most women wearing it is like second skin Far softer than cotton, MicroModal has the sensation of silk. It’s cool to the touch, glides over the body easily, and won’t feel scratchy, even against the most sensitive parts of your body.

Breathable fabric -Micromodal fabric  allows moisture and air to pass through it  This lightweight, breathable fabric wicks away moisture from the skin. It draws moisture off the surface of your skin, up through the material and to the surface.