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Plush lingerie for comfort loving women - Micro modal

Plush lingerie for comfort loving women - Micro modal

The term “lingerie” derived from the French Linge, or linen and thus makes direct reference to the material from which underwear was traditionally made. By the late nineteenth century ,lingerie had become a generic term commonly used to describe undergarments.

At Ashleyandalvis we put love in everything we do. Our meticulously stitched, plant-based comfort panties are 3 times softer than cotton. We care about the environment much like you. You can vest your confidence in us for a thoroughly crafted, well-designed and super comfortable garment. Look us up for our extensive range spread across - Bikini, Boyshorts,Boysleg,Hipsters and Camisole

You can say Goodbye to sensitive Skin!

We at Ashleyandalvis  will never let the Lingerie revolution die.

How comfortable is it ?

We feel happy in  offering  features like free   and moisture-wicking fabric without sacrificing the design, comfort, and support needs of the modern women

Perfect Lingerie  would be the unity of design, support, comfort, and longevity.Our Micro Modal panties  provide a much softer wear than other fabrics, often compared to silk and some say the softest material available for women’s panties  The smooth and lightweight yet durable nature of micro modal is also a major factor in making the ultimate comfortable underwear, producing an incredible wear that doesn't lose its softness after several multiple washes.

Is Micro modal Fabric Good for Women?

Micro Modal is 50% more absorbent than cotton. Cotton tends to retain more liquid and can cause serious discomfort. Micro Modal, on the other hand, draws moisture off the surface of your skin and then up through the material, keeping you cool and comfortable whether you are at the gym, parties, enjoying a hot summer day or grinding at work.  It is extremely durable to machine washing and drying. It doesn’t shrink like cotton, resists wrinkling and its coloring doesn’t fade easily.

We at Ashleyandalvis go above and beyond to keep the customer happy,Customer satisfaction is the top priority, and hopefully creating loyal, returning customers. We do packaging  in a way the product could be conveniently taken from one place to another and can be handled easily by a middleman to the consumers.