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Stay fresh stay confident!

Stay fresh stay confident!

Bamboo micro modal as one of the most popular high-end fibers, is widely used in making panties underpants, Our bamboo micro modal fabric panties are so popular because of their features of comfortable & extremely soft feel, breathability, durability, excellent drapability, natural gloss and high quality.

It is an excellent biodegradable and sustainable eco-friendly fabric.

The magic mix of bamboo micro modal with spandex acts like a liquid on your body and " The New Skin ". Bamboo Micro modal is 5X softer & lighter than traditional cotton and micro modal fabric. Bamboo with Micro modal adds a natural anti-odor as its original nature helps to resolve the problems of innerwear. It makes you feel free & confident.

Why we at Ashleyandalvis use Bamboo micro modal fabric to keep Women fresh from inside & confident! 

Here are some reason behind this -

SOFT AND DRY SMOOTH TOUCH: The smooth surface of micro modal clothing absorbs moisture more effectively than cotton, thus promoting the body's natural temperature regulation mechanism, leaving the skin feeling dry and comfortable all day long.

SKIN-FRIENDLY: Micro modal clothing is naturally soft and Skin-friendly, which provides lasting comfort. The modal fibre has a smooth surface under the electron microscope, which gives the fabric a smooth touch and makes women  feel smooth and comfortable even on sensitive skin.

3x moisture wicking - Yes, this material is found on many moisture-wicking lists and it has great properties to back that one up. Along with being able to keep you cooler and drier, bamboo micro modal is known for absorbing moisture.

On top of that, this material is anti-mold and other germs so it is a healthy fabric option to wear. With its sustainability factor, it is fast-growing, long lasting & keep you fresh & confident all the time.

Sustainable fabric - Bamboo modal fabric is generally sustainable as it is a durable material that is made with cellulose fibers from bamboo – a rapidly and sustainably growing plant that requires neither irrigation nor fertilizer. However, manufacturing bamboo modal fabrics is relatively chemical and energy-intensive.

One of the good things about your bamboo micro modal  product is that it allows you to breathe & stay dry the whole day.