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Superiority on the inside

Superiority on the inside

We all wear panties, but have you ever thought to yourself, what is the purpose of panties? I mean, why do women wear panties. Some ladies like to wear bikini  panties all the time. And some women like to wear Boyshorts or granny panties. Well many women are still confused about whether to wear panties or not.

There are many reasons why women prefer to wear panties but the main reason is to protect their private parts, feel free & comfortable. Panties fabric is generally soft. So, it provides great comfort for women.

Some feel wearing panties is more relaxable . If you want true comfort from your panties, always opt for comfortable and natural fabric panties like Bamboo Micromodal which is  5x softer than cotton, 2x moisture wicking ,natural anti odour ,anti microbial & stretchable. 

Even after multiple washes, Micromodal panties are less prone to pilling like cotton blends and doesn’t lose its shape and softness. It is quite sturdy and can withstand being machine-washed. It doesn’t lose color very fast. So, if you think it costs you more than regular cotton innerwear, you will realize in the long run that your investment was worth it.

How we can use Bamboo micro modal panties !

Bamboo Micromodal is a fine and premium fabric. However, its wash and care are as easy as the regular fabric panties. It can be hand washed or gently in the machine. Wringing, ironing, bleaching, and dry-cleaning are to be best avoided. Taking proper care of intimate wear ensures its longevity and helps it retain its characteristics for a longer duration. Bamboo Micromodal fibers are very pleasant to the touch, water-absorbent, and dry quickly. 

When deciding how to wash and care for your lingerie, it’s difficult to make sweeping generalizations. That’s partly why washers and dryers come with so many settings. It’s not because every cotton article needs to be washed one way, and every Bamboo micromodal item should be washed another way.

In most cases, the washing instructions have as much or more to do with the weight and weave of the fabric as the material from which it’s made. In other words, delicate and lacy lingerie will probably need certain care.

Bamboo micromodal fabric is extremely soft, and has a distinct difference in the way they feel. Bamboo Modal feels smoother and softer . It has a more silky hand-feel, which makes it an ideal fabric for sleepwear that feels luxurious and smooth against skin & acts like “The New skin” of your body.