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Wear what you Like!

Wear what you Like!

Women love  panties  in their own way. They do not always need to wear fancy things to attract attention.  Sometimes, a woman feels like admiring herself for no reason. It gives her more confidence when she sees herself in the mirror with perfectly fit lingerie. The feeling of confidence and joyfulness that  lingerie can give a woman is simply beyond description. A woman can never sing along and enjoy herself until and unless she wears something that makes her feel good from inside.

We at Ashleyandalvis, trying to make women happy with our Bamboo micro modal panties which are 5x softer than traditional cotton, 3x moisture wicking, natural anti odour, anti microbial & acts like The new Skin.

Women love to wear bamboo micromodal bikinis and boysleg because of several reasons. The most common one is that they feel more comfortable when working out or playing sports. That’s why you will spot many aerobics enthusiasts wearing bikinis 

However, Bikini & hipster  is a popular choice for everyday wear, sleeping, or dressing for a romantic night.

Another variation of the boysleg  is the  boyshorts which features a short kind of thing running along the buttocks.We love wearing nice hygienic panties  and it is always important to have good hygiene. Imagine dirtying your outer garments . Or having moisture build up around your genitals and letting it just sit there and build. This just isn’t hygienic. Wearing Panties is better hygiene and opting for breathable.

How to choose the correct pantie size!

When it comes to panties there are endless types, colors and fabrics to choose from, starting with classic styles to sporty, sexy or elegant pieces, depending on your mood and occasion,  buy bamboo micro modal panties give you comfortable feeling, panties under the short dress will make a woman sit in her comfortable poster. Choose the right color panties for any purpose.

One of the most important things you should consider when you are shopping for the perfect panty is size. Finding the perfect fit is essential in order to feel comfortable in your own skin, otherwise you will suffer through the day. There is nothing more annoying than wearing panties that are constantly riding up your buttocks or panties that are always falling down under your skirts or pants.

87It’s fun to show off your prettiest lingerie, that too Bamboo micro modal lingerie which  can also gain great enjoyment if nobody else knows about it. Imagine going to work, running errands, or visiting new places  as you wear your most daring lingerie underneath an ordinary outfit. You’ll love the thrill of keeping  this interesting secret.

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