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Wear Your Comfort

Wear Your Comfort

A camisole or cami is a loose-fitting sleeveless undergarment that covers the top part of the body. A camisole typically has thin spaghetti straps and can be worn over a bra or without one. They generally go down to the waistline, a few extend to the pelvic area, others are shorter, leaving the midriff exposed. Those made to be outerwear items are made of thicker materials and are non-transparent. 

All you need to know about Micromodal Camisole. Micromodal  is a specialized type of modal  that is prized for its incredible softness and resistance to shrinkage. This type of rayon also has an excellent moisture-wicking profile, which makes it a popular choice for camisole and innerwear's.

How to measure the perfect size for a Camisole!
What size, which style, of Camisole  fit right and many more questions like these do add up while browsing products online. That's why we are at Ashleyandalvis  which makes it super easy for you to understand what elements to consider while buying a camisole, how to measure and hence arrive at the right size. 

We at Ashleyandalvis, have the best  premium super fine quality Micromodal camisole and light fiber that comes from beech tree pulp. It's one of our favorite fabrics  and can be found in our camisole collection   So what makes this fabric so desirable, so versatile, and so great to wear during your precious sleep-time? 

Why should we buy Camisole from Ashleyandalvis, because we have the best quality of Micromodal fabric ,As Micromodal is a plant-based fabric that is soft, stretchable and resistant to shrinkage. Compared to regular Modal fabric, Micro Modal has thinner fibers. So Micromodal can be tightly woven to produce a soft silky fabric that is resistant to moisture and heat. It is antimicrobial ,odour free, 3x softer than cotton ,moisture wicking & sheen fabric.