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What makes women use underwear

What makes women  use underwear

Look beautiful & sexy. Every woman has a desire to look stylish not only from the outside but also from the inside. It might feel that getting the right type of panty is just not possible. However, there is no right way to look stylish, unique, or be. Wearing lingerie that makes you feel comfy is very important irrespective of the trend. What makes you feel comfortable is the only right way of dressing. 

That’s why we at Ashleyandalvis have specially designed panties with bamboo micromodal fabric which is having full coverage with 5x softer than cotton ,2x moisture wicking &  natural anti odour.

Some women prefer wearing  Bamboo micromodal underwear because it is comfortable.  Again, this could be comfort from a physical standpoint but also comfort from an emotional or psychological standpoint.

It can keep her outer clothes clean,It deters odours from rising. Now, you may have experienced that some odours find their way through even the thickest of attire and that’s certainly common. 

A bamboo fibre’s moisture-absorption capability is much better than that of cotton..  

If you compare a pantie of bamboo to a pantie of cotton, you will find that bamboo is undoubtedly much stronger. As a raw material, bamboo is very strong. This component performs well .

Bamboo is the quickest growing woody plant in the world. It is easy to grow and this makes it a go-to crop for making bamboo fabric.


Soft with Moisture-Wicking Properties Bamboo fabric is soft and friendly to the skin. The fabric also keeps you dry by drawing moisture or sweat from your skin while possessing natural antibacterial properties. Bamboo micro modal is also called as “The new skin”