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As their name suggests,  bamboo micro modal Boyshorts are basically shorts for women. Alternatively, you can call them the female version of male boxer shorts. If you want fuller coverage and no visible panty lines but also don’t want to skip the shorts, Boyshorts turn out to be the perfect alternative. They’re super comfortable to sleep in, highly breathable to lounge around, and also amazingly great to look at. And with the longer leg openings, you can be assured of no rash experience all day long.

We at Ashleyandalvis  having many styles of women's underwear available today: from mid-waist hipster to high-waist underwear, to all boyshorts, and more, it can feel like a lot to keep track of. If you’re on the hunt for organic & breathable fabric that’s good for the environment but doesn’t leave half your butt hanging out, you’ve probably come across boyshorts that give you full coverage & act like “The new skin”.

Ashleyandalvis boyshorts underwear is made like a real “short” and  have full back coverage. This is different than say, a thong, tanga, Brazilian, or bikini cut because of the extra side and leg coverage. The kind of boyshorts that actually looks like a short is a more traditional version of this kind of underwear. but traditional as in more in line with the original concept for this style of underwear. Though styles vary, it’s most common to find this silhouette with a more sporty or athletic design style. Women love to sleep in this type of short if it’s made of natural or breathable fiber. So cozy!  also like to wear these underneath skinny pants in the winter, or in-case-of-the-subway-wind moments underskirts in summer.

Since its design conception, the Bamboo micro modal boyshort has undergone many upgrades. In addition to the traditional short style, there is Boyshorts when it comes to coverage. which still retain the look of a short, are very short. So short, in fact, that most of the bottom part of your booty or cheeks will be exposed. In this case, the sides still have more coverage than any other panty style. Women wear this type of underwear when they want to feel comfortable all day long.