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Why to use neat Undies!

Why to use neat Undies!

New underwear is one of the most important for women these days but one of the least donated. People are often denied their requests for undergarments because we simply have none to give. Bamboo micro modal undies fabric is super comfortable & organic.

Women are especially likely to be denied since women’s underwear is less frequently donated than men’s. When possible, they are offered the alternative of wearing men’s underwear, an experience that, apart from being physically uncomfortable, causes embarrassment and a reduced sense of self-worth. 

Wearing the same underwear for an extended period can also have severe consequences for your health. The microbes and bacteria mentioned above can cause dangerous infections if they stay in contact with the skin for long periods, and the most serious of these can even lead to deadly conditions like kidney failure or bladder cancer. Clean underwear is more than a convenience; it is imperative to one’s health, and can even save lives!



The biggest hurdle you’ll face would be resisting scratching yourself after you’ve worn the same underwear for some time. The first sign is to show that you need some change, as the itching is a bane to your peace. Imagine the embarrassment of finally giving in and scratching yourself in your private parts like a madman in front of your coworkers. You don’t want that to happen now, do you? And even if you think you can resist this wave, there’s a lot of rashes where that came from. These blisters are going to make life even harder for you, it is best that you don’t learn that the hard way.

We at Ashleyandalvis created it and we utilized it! Presenting Bamboo Micro modal innerwear by Ashley & Alvis.

In a time of such great change, our aim was simple - a modern women’s & men’s innerwear brand that powers radically efficient innerwear wardrobing. This combination of talent and experience has enabled us to create some of the most innovative bamboo micro modal innerwear products, in the market, which is 5X softer and 3X moisture-wicking than any other products in the market. While we hope that you love innerwear as much as we do, we are confident that you don't have anything quite like it in your drawer.

Ashleyandalvis sustainable and organic brand with Bamboo micro modal fabric underwears.

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