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Why you should wear bamboo clothing this summer!

Why you should wear bamboo clothing this summer!

Summer is the time for vacations, pool days, and hanging out in the sun Bamboo micro modal is the perfect complement to a busy summer in India or anywhere else. Here are five reasons to ditch cotton and switch to bamboo micro modal underwear this summer.

Because of its fast-drying and comfort capabilities, bamboo Micro modal fabric is an excellent counterpart to a busy summer on the go. It absorbs moisture faster and more effectively than cotton and it’s softer than pretty much any other alternative – plus, it’s virtually impossible to wrinkle. Wear your bamboo micro modal underwear the next time you’re on a cold airplane. We promise you won’t be disappointed.  


If you’re someone who prefers to pack light and be constantly on the move, there’s no better fabric than a bamboo micro modal. You can easily hand wash and dry your Ashley and Alvis bamboo micro modal anywhere you go, without having to worry about it taking hours to dry.

Bamboo micro modal underwear is a natural solution for people with sensitive skin or ones who are susceptible to ingrown hairs or irritation along the bikini line. The fiber itself is naturally smooth, and our underwear is made without chemical treatment, which can protect your skin from harsh irritation. 

Bamboo fabric has a natural antibacterial quality that protects against bacteria and odour.  Bamboo micro modal materials also combat other forms of bacteria, including yeast, mold, and fungus. Sweat has nothing against bamboo micro modal.