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Women panties Say a lot about Her

Women panties Say a lot about Her

The inner garments say a lot about a woman’s personality.  The panty preference, between comfort to sexy or Micromodal  to bikini, throws insight into the tastes of the woman.

Panties are not just meant to be kept a hush-hush secret, but symbolize personal aspirations and mantras too. Let’s check what your panties say about you. It might be under several layers of clothing, but it tells a lot about you. Your panties and the choice of it speaks about what goes inside your heart and otherwise.

We at Ashleyandalvis Define Micromodal Panties like -:

Hipster - Comfort is something you crave for. Your style is easygoing and free, and you take as it comes. 

Bikini panties - Micromodal bikinis are neat and clean and also prefer comfort. You are the snuggling kind of a person who can be lazy at times as well. Your fashion sense also has clean cuts and straight lines.

Boyshorts - Micromodal Boyshorts  comfort above everything else and don’t care a damn about what people think about you or your underwear choices.

Boysleg - Micromodal Boysleg  are too casual in life and really don’t care about the world out there. Very comfortable in your skin ,  only hang out with friends who are very close to you.

Why Women use Micromodal Panties!

It keeps you dry. Micromodal is often used to make sportswear and undergarments because of its moisture-wicking properties. 

Elasticity-Our Micromodal fabric has a 4-way stretch that moves with you without losing its shape. It also doesn’t shrink so you don’t have to worry about your clothes not fitting after the first wash.  

Comfortable fit -Micromodal fabric is exceptionally soft because it is very finely knit. That means it feels like high-maintenance fabrics like silk, but without the work.


Breathable - Modal fabric is a popular choice for athletic clothes Panties  and undergarments because it’s so breathable. We think all clothes should be comfy, that's why women use Micromodal panties.

Sustainable -Micromodal resists pilling, fading, wrinkling, and losing its shape. It looks like new for much longer than other fabrics, so you’ll look put together the first, fifteenth, and fiftieth time you wear it.

3X softer than cotton - No other fabric is as soft as Micromodal ,once you wear it feels like your second skin .

Odour free -  modal also has some pretty incredible properties. It is lightweight and very breathable, which makes it a great fabric for garments worn in warmer months. It stays cool to the touch and is odor resistant.