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Women's Undergarments: The Complete Manual

Women's Undergarments: The Complete Manual

Undergarments for women don't have to be difficult. Yes, there is a wide variety of styles, materials, and hues available that would make any woman's head spin. But you're already more than halfway there after you've determined which styles suit you the best. When it comes to selecting the ideal underwear style for you, our Women's Underwear Guide has all the answers you need.

An overview of women's undergarments' history:

Women wore very little, if any, underwear until the Victorian era! Medieval ladies wore a single long undergarment that evolved into petticoats and slips, in contrast to males, who were already dressed in underwear.
When "drawers" appeared, everything was altered. Drawers, a long style of leg-covering underwear, were popular with ladies everywhere, including Queen Victoria! Drawer hemlines advanced in the ensuing years, and the modern knickers fashion was born. What was once a fashion oddity became a WW2 need once the 1940s rolled around.

Another type of undergarment that has been used by both men and women throughout history is stockings. To the delight of women everywhere, nylons had become popular by the 1940s (no more ladders in their tights!).
In the 20th century, new fibers like rubber and elastic also emerged. As underwear changed, it became more sensual and form-fitting, and bikini briefs and G-strings gained appeal. Before companies like AshleyandAlvis defied these designs in the early 2010s, seams and wires continued to be produced for uncomfortable wear.
In addition to being wire- and seam-free, our models are constructed from cutting-edge, eco-friendly materials like bamboo that is grown organically. We're leading the way in this new era of women's undergarments.

Choosing the best underwear style for you:
It's difficult to select the correct women's underwear styles. When selecting the ideal style of women's underwear for you, there are a few factors to consider, such as fit, fabric, color, and design.

Bikini are a traditional design of women's underwear with high-cut leg holes and a bit less covering than a regular pair of briefs. They often sit a few inches below the waist. Bikini are comfortable and adaptable; you can wear them with a flowy dress or your favorite pair of lean jeans.

The Hipster style is ideal if you're looking for women's underwear that goes well with low-rise jeans and slacks. Hipsters, also known as hip huggers, are worn by women and rest a few inches below the waist on the hips. The leg openings of hipster underwear are low-cut and expose roughly ¾ of the cheek.

Women's Boysleg are inspired by men's briefs. The primary distinction is that Boysleg have legs that are lower cut—some even reach the thigh. Savor the comfort that comes with wearing your women's Boysleg with pants that are medium- to high-rise.


Measuring for boyshorts involves a few key steps for a comfortable fit. Begin by measuring your natural waist and the widest part of your hips, ensuring the tape is snug but not tight. If you prefer a specific leg length, measure the inseam, and determine the rise by measuring from the crotch seam to the top of the waistband. Optionally, measure the thigh circumference for a tailored fit around the leg openings.

    Why the most excellent material for women's undergarments is bamboo?

                  You've chosen the appropriate underwear style for your body type. Best wishes! It's time for you to choose a fabric. We think that the best material for your underwear is Bamboo Micro Modal. Bamboo women's underwear is incredibly soft, cozy, and breathable. It's also better for the environment and your skin.


    It's cozy

    Our narrative starts and ends with comfort here at AshleyandAlvis. Bamboo Micro Modal is a fabric that is very important to us because of this. Bamboo Micro Modal is incredibly dreamy to wear because it is light, luxuriously soft, and gentle to the skin. Because of this, bamboo micro modal underwear is an essential item in any woman's drawer! You can get the comfort you deserve with bamboo micro modal underwear whether you choose Bamboo Micro Modal bikini, a Bamboo Micro Modal hipster, a Bamboo Micro Modal Boysleg or a Bamboo Micro Modal Boyshorts.

    It's environmentally friendly

    At our core, we believe there are no shortcuts to a better world. That's why our commitment to sustainability is evident in our use of organically grown bamboo for women's underwear. Bamboo, a fast-growing and naturally regenerating resource, requires no artificial watering in our organic cultivation practices. Choose sustainability with our bamboo-infused products for a planet-friendly approach to fashion.

    It's Anti-Bacterial

    Our bamboo micro modal panties boast an added feature of being anti-bacterial. Crafted from a blend of bamboo and micro modal fibres, these panties not only offer exceptional softness and comfort but also provide antibacterial properties. This feature enhances hygiene by inhibiting the growth of bacteria, promoting a fresh and clean feel throughout the day. Experience the natural benefits of bamboo coupled with the advanced technology of micro modal, ensuring not only a luxurious wear but also a supportive measure for your overall well-being.