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Our Story

AshleyandAlvis got established in 2021 end via Maven Ecomm Private Limited.
AshleyandAlvis is a modern women’s & men’s innerwear brand that powers radically efficient innerwear wardrobing.
Our product team has long-standing relationships with the best textile mills and factories.
This combination of talent and experience has enabled us to create some of the most innovative bamboo micro modal innerwear products, in the market, which are 5X softer and 3X moisture-wicking than any other products in the market.
While we hope that you love innerwear as much as we do, we are confident that you don't have anything quite like it in your drawer.

What makes Ashley and Alvis special?
* We give a shit! - We care. We’re slightly obsessive. We sweat every detail. We fight for what we think is best for AshleyandAlvis and our customers.
* We put our money where our mouth is - We own our words. We own our actions. We own our mistakes.
* We solve problems - You won’t find us waiting around for someone else to fix a problem if we can get our hands on it first.
* We won’t sacrifice the future for a quick win - We wait for the second marshmallow.
* It’s all about the people! - Relationships over transactions.

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The kind that feels comfortably lingerie, whether you’re admiring yourself.
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The -Day TRY ON Guarantee

We take our promises seriously, so If you don’t love your first innerwear, we’ll send you a different size or color. No return is required if used. Write to us at within 7 days from delivery and we will send you a free replacement.

Note: This is only applicable for first-time buyers at Ashleyandalvis.

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What Drives Us

Innovation, Design, Sustainability & Softness. We set out to build a seriously comfortable underwear, one that would let you feel naked while keeping you protected and in that endeavour; softness has been our Overriding principle. We quickly learnt that the higher the share of Modal Micro – the softer the fabric from it. After a few grades of development, we arrived at a unique blend of Grade A Lenzing Modal Micro infused with pure elastane as the ultimate in body responsive fitting that envelops you in a touch of lightness.

Every underwear from our collection is manufactured with 100% pure and all natural fabric that soaks and wicks moisture. Additionally, our inner wear is made from skin friendly yarn and dyes. We enhance the fabric quality by treating it with anti bacterial technology thus leaving no scope for sweat and germs accumulation. With more than average stitches per inch and high thread count, our underwear is a synonym for extra superior hold. Our underwear is constructed and sewed in a way that you get a structured fit every time you wear it. Less, but only the best is what characterizes AshleyandAlvis as a brand. The vision of quality can be found in every detail: the best materials, the perfection of the cuts and the exquisite finishing. This is what has made AshleyandAlvis so unique and contemporary And we’re always embarking on the next best thing. Thank you for trusting us to keep you comfortable.


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Our mission

Innerwear more than being an essential, is essentially our The New Skin. Every underwear from Ashley and Alvis is crafted to make you feel confident on the outside by making you feel comfortable on the inside. It is made of Bamboo leaves and the soft, inner pith from the hard bamboo. The magic mix of bamboo micro modal with spandex, acts like a liquid on your body and "The New Skin". Bamboo Micro modal is 5X softer & lighter than traditional cotton and micro modal fabric. Bamboo with Micro modal adds a natural anti odor and naturally anti microbial as it's original nature Wave goodbye to all the Innerwear related issues & embarrassment with Innerwear from Ashley & Alvis
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