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Frequently Asked Questions

Below FAQ are some common concerns of our customers before purchasing. if you have other questions,
please just send it to INFO@ASHLEYANDALVIS.COM

We know you're curious to try us out and can't wait to feel comfortable but just bear with us because we're working hard to ensure the order reaches you at the earliest. In the meantime, you can track your order here.

We got a very straight delivery policy. As soon as we receive the orders the same will be dispatched within 48 hours from our warehouse. Please note we use the fastest logistic service to deliver the products to you.

Sometimes the best things are a little behind time! Don't worry, your favorites will be reaching you soon! In the meantime, you can track your order here.

We take our promises seriously, so If you don’t love your first innerwear, we'll send you a different size or color. No return is required if used. Write to us at within 7 days from delivery and we will send you a free replacement. Note: This is only applicable for first-time buyers at Ashleyandalvis.

Simply put, our assurance that the 50 wash underwear lasts you for a minimum 50 wash. We’re so sure about our quality standards, that in an unlikely event, if the product loses its original color and form through wear and tear, we will replace it with a new one. While we are sure of our product, you too need to take care of the 50 wash Underwear or risk voiding your warranty. Be aware of the circumstances below to ensure your warranty is not a void: Damage caused by Fire, Bleach, color bleeding from other garments. Our warranty does not cover tears, rips, or snags caused to the fabric by external object/s, as these are not considered defects in materials or workmanship unless you received it that way, in which case our 30-day Guarantee above would apply. Warranty will only apply with a valid invoice from our website or authorized marketplaces. This product is designed to take 10x more washes than any other underwear, care instructions are on the inside label of every garment: GENTLE MACHINE WARM WASH, NO BLEACH, MEDIUM TUMBLE DRY, WARM IRON, NO DRY CLEAN, NO HOT TUBS OR SHOWERS. Our warranty becomes null and void on the T-Shirt, if the garment is washed in, or exposed to bleach. Silk screening, or heat transferring on any garment will ruin, or shorten the life of the garment. Our warranty becomes null and void on ANY garment that is silk screened, heat transferred, embroidered, or otherwise altered after purchase. With the help of forensic tests we will be checking on usage guidelines being followed and in the event of the tests being failed the claim would be rejected. Our warranty also becomes null and void on ANY garment exposed to chlorine, heat, gas, or any liquid above 50º C.

Wear & Tear in the Underwear after regular usage. Please note: This warranty is only valid for only one replacement. How: To claim the warranty, please follow the below instructions: (i) Write a mail to (ii) Please send pictures of the defective item, specifically areas of defect (iii) Also, provide the proof of purchase along with the date (iv) Your contact information Please note: All disputes in relation to the Warranty shall be resolved by a high court of Bangalore. This Is The Exclusive Remedy Under This Warranty. Any and all other remedies and damages that may otherwise be applicable are excluded, including, but not limited to, incidental or consequential damages or punitive damages. This is the only warranty made by Ashleyandalvis on Underwear, and there are no warranties which extend beyond the description herein. Any warranties that may otherwise be implied by law including, but not limited to, any Implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, are excluded.

We make our products keeping in mind the Indian body type. If you think they don’t make products for someone with extra kilos or someone with a few lesser kilos, you need to try us out! Size Guide:

With right care, a Ashleyandalvis is as good as new! To keep the freshness last long, we suggest go easy on detergents. Use the mild ones and let the machine do the cleaning.

At Ashleyandalvis, we are on a journey to create a distinction than the rest. We make products that are technological superior in terms of quality and value. Having said that, we do believe in fair pricing so if you think you’re paying a few extra bucks we request you to get comfortable in a Ashleyandalvis first!

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